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  • No Reservations: Techniques Episode - late in season 6, it's streamable on Netflix



Around the House

  • Dancing Ferret Discs ( I bascially like all the music that they produce, based out of Philidelphia.
  • Alfa Matrix ( Same kind of thing, but made in Germany
  • Blizzard Entertainment ( I basically own it all. 
  • Bioware - Some people make moral decisions in their lives - I play bioware RPG's. Because of them, any selfish action anyone does has been redefined in my head as "Renegade" and altrusism has been renamed "Paragon".
  • Bag it! The movie. Seeing this was a big deal for me and is one of those events that gets you to change your life. Like when people stop eating shellfish after they get food posioning, except better an more constructive.

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